Norheim Gård

The place where time stands still and flies with the wind

Norheim Gård contributes to a sustainable future

20% of the profits made at Norheim Gård is every year donated to contributions for a sustainable development in the region of Vesterålen. Norheim Gård believes (as most Vesterålings) in building a sustainable future through common dialog, and sharing the responsibility among us. Because of this core value we´re every year giving contributions to different charities like cleaning beaches, making sure there's infrastructure for garbage, WC, signs, secure hiking routes and so on. By choosing our products, you choose to support Vesterålen and a sustainable future for our region.Norheim Gård focuses on circular business models, and are currently developing several new innovative businesses. Grønna (www.grø, Nordavind (winery) and Økolonialen (eco-store concept opening it's first demo store in june 2022).